Rich Brown

  • “Down a Good Road” CD
  • “Beach Blues”  CD  (Both Available on CD Baby
  • Soberstock Festival
  • Daytona’s Main Street Live Festival
  • Froggy’s Saloon
  • Bank And Blues Club
  • Deland’s Original Music Festival

At 13, Rich Brown studied guitar under Nashville session player Ken Carlson, concentrating on 
playing Country, Rock and Folk Rock in solo performances until discovering his passion for the 
blues in the 1980’s. He played in Gurus of Blues (still active in Chicago) in the 1980’s and 90’s. 

In the 2000’s, Brown studied under BMA winner and Country Blues Master Paul Rishell. Then struck out on his own, playing Delta, Piedmont and Country Blues in the New England area. 
Brown’s 2009 CD Beach Blues and 2013 Down A Good Road are collections of original pieces rooted in traditional Country and Delta blues styles, still getting radio airplay around the country.

Since 2013, Brown has been performing from Florida to New England and out to the Mississippi, playing primarily solo and duo until forming the Rich Brown Trio in 2015. The Rich Brown Blues Band formed in 2016. Brown describes the Band as a transformative project.  Along with decades of experience as a solo performer, Brown brings life experience to his audience, his fascination of the Blues rooted in the Delta, Piedmont and Chicago styles, incorporating the history of Blues into each performance, allowing the audience to connect on a deeper level with the tunes he chooses. Over the years, the music stirred, now the band has added heat, flavor and a damn good time!

The Rich Brown Blues Band is a tasty musical gumbo:  A four piece band that fits together naturally. The band features Vince Trimboli (guitar), Monty Harp (vox and bass), Marcos Noriega (drums),  and Rich Brown (vox and guitar).

Available as a Duo or Four Piece Band

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